TBL in Pharmacy Consultation Skills Module

Simon Tweddell and John Purvis, Bradford School of Pharmacy

The active collaborative learning for student success project ran from March 2017 – February 2019 and has now concluded. This website serves as a historic legacy and is no longer regularly updated.

Why we took this approach

  • To improve student engagement with pre-class course concepts
  • To provide opportunities for peer learning
  • To improve feedback to students
  • To focus class time on application of knowledge
  • To develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, communication and working in teams

What we did

  • We used a validated tool, the TBL Student Assessment Instrument (TBL-SAI) to assess student accountability, preference for, and satisfaction with TBL
  • We also compared module examination performance of two cohorts who learned used TBL with the performance of two cohorts who took the module pre-TBL
  • Finally, we carried out a focus group with 12 students to ascertain their views and opinions on learning using TBL

The challenges we faced

  • Suggestions to improve the module included improving the timings of application exercises and better facilitation by staff

Feedback and Reflections

Students said:

  • TBL has been so good and rewarding to the point that I am suggesting that we use it within the optional modules. It almost makes me want to be a first year again
  • TBL was a great way to interact with others. I felt I learnt a lot from my team
  • TBL was a great way to interact with the group and also made sure we all completed our pre-reading!
  • They need to be stricter with timings, you’re often waiting for everyone to finish when you could move on to the next exercise
  • TBL has been one of the major strengths in this module it helped me learn and understand more by working as a team

TBL classroom

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