SCALE UP in Research and Professional Practice Module

Health and Social Care Year 1, NTU

The active collaborative learning for student success project ran from March 2017 – February 2019 and has now concluded. This website serves as a historic legacy and is no longer regularly updated.

Why we took this approach

I like to employ an interactive approach to teaching as I am able to check that the students understand the concepts. Scale up is well suited to interactive teaching styles and confirming the students understanding through group activities and working on the assignments in the session.

What we did

Used SCALE techniques to teach the module.

The challenges we faced

A particular challenge is the changing pace of the session, as during each session I needed to keep clarifying to the students the task/ assignment etc. This can be a particular challenge with large groups of students.

Feedback and Reflections

The majority deemed scale up positively as I was on hand to assist with the concepts and their learning. As this is the only scale module in year one some of the student preferred the traditional lecture and seminar format.

Students at a desk

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